Employee Information

With a base of 65 employees and with seasonal peak levels exceeding 100 employees and approximately 10 clients a day we relocate the contents of an average of 200 offices weekly not including the weekend moves that average 150 to 250 people depending on the move contents and requirements.

Our pro-active approach enables us to anticipate these market conditions and position ourselves to be able to respond to them.

We are confident we can respond in a timely and professional fashion to the needs of your department and provide the needed skills equipment and expertise to complete the requested tasks within the scheduled time frames.

Based on our current and projected workloads, we have the necessary resources in place to effectively and successfully undertake your projects. Our key people in administrative and management positions are poised and ready to mobilize and respond with the proper resources, our numerous equipment and fleet resources are available, and our integrated team can devote the required time to meeting your needs Simplex has completed Commercial relocation services, commercial warehousing, library and record storage moves on countless projects over the past decade and a half.

We have been providing Installation Services for all types of Systems furniture including Haworth, Lacasse, Steelcase, Herman Miller, Teknion and an assortment of other systems furniture for a variety of Government department’s since 1993.

On a daily basis our crew of installers dismantles relocates and reassembles systems furniture. We have provided several letters of reference given to us reflecting our abilities to accomplish the given tasks and meeting our contractual agreements demonstrating our track record of “One stop Shopping” services.