Warehouse Information

We currently lease 950,000 Cubic feet of Prime warehouse space located at 2762 Sheffield road Ottawa, Ontario approximately located 15 minutes from the down town core. Our Facility is constructed of non flammable materials consisting of masonry and steels with an elevated floor slab preventing flood plane possibilities assisted with a Roof maintenance monitoring program insuring proactive repairs are completed. The Heated warehouse facility is fully insured; with sprinklers monitored 24 hours a day through an alarm monitoring station, in addition we have 24 hour video surveillance coverage assisted with off site alarm monitoring. The space is equipped with 165 bays of industrial racking translating to the storage capacity of 1485 skids of product loaded on racking along with a variety of secured caged lock ups for sensitive equipment. Our lease agreement allows us to obtain additional space on demand should the need arise.

We employ a full time warehouseman to monitor and document warehouse activities. All warehouse contents are tracked with a computerized inventory system. This allows us to provide our customers with a detailed inventory list identifying each item in storage. The racking offers easy access when placing and retrieving in addition to a viewing opportunity to client. A hard copy logbook is also kept as a precautionary measure.

Our computer generated inventory is maintained and provided using a soft ware package called Excel. The inventory is updated during the shipping and receiving process therefore constantly maintaining an up to date account of the product location in inventory along with the necessary documentation supporting, dates received or delivered as per client’s request. This process enables a client and their design team to tract inventories, possibly plan future needs of inventory, visualize if necessary their assets along with the condition of the desired items in addition to maintaining the desired monthly warehousing storage budgets.

Although normal Warehouse access hours of business are 6:30 am till 5:00pm clients will be granted 24hour access if and when necessary. It is also agreed that we will maintain the desired warehouse space meeting the contractual agreement including possible option years should we be the successful bidder.