20 years…

Simplex has completed relocation services for hundreds of clients over the past fifteen years, from the simplest single office move to some of the most intricate and involved multi department restructuring programs requiring the dismantling and installation of workstation systems furniture, relocation of office contents including the installation of the free standing office systems furniture.

We have been steadily building our internal systems to ensure that each job regardless of intricacy or scope runs smoothly. Our management and quality control systems are an ongoing evolution; refinements to our protocols are updated to reflect the lessons learned on every project. In short, our past experience puts us in a leading position for commercial relocation services in the Ottawa area. We are ready to prove our abilities again for your project.

Our Principals:

Since 1993, Luc Dompierre has successfully overseen operations at Simplex industries Inc. As such, he has directly been involved with well over $20M of relocation and warehousing services on a wide variety of projects. He has actively been involved in enhancing the local commercial moving industry through the integration of protocols which have been adopted by competing firms; effectively raising the bar within our industry.

Our Team:

The strength and balance we have achieved in office support and field workers gives us the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to make sure all projects run smoothly. We also take special care in employing qualified and experienced individuals. Furthermore all equipment used for services provided is certified and inspected regularly. We provide both technical and safety training on a regular basis, and our safety record and client satisfaction are indicative of these approaches.


Simplex Industries Inc. has averaged in excess of three million dollars of work each year over the past 5 years, and is expected to maintain that work level for the 2009 period. Our financial abilities enable us to undertake projects into the $900K range.